Eileen Carey IDSS Featured Artist

Eileen Carey

EileenCarey003Click banner Above to be transported to Eileen’s Download Zone

Eileen Carey is this month International Independent Superstars Featured Artist. To view more about Eileen’s download releases, please click on her picture above and get ready to explore Eileen’s Wildhorse Entertainments Download Zone, for all and more on Eileen Carey’s latest hits and news.

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The above placement is a sponsored feature by either the promoter, recording company, artist or fan.

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6 comments on “Eileen Carey IDSS Featured Artist

  1. She has been everything an artist should represent, keeping to her country music roots, always available for all interviews and meeting her fans, and making new ones. This new song is just a tip of the berg for this woman and there will many more songs from her arsenal of hits. Congrats to you DJ’s. You are doing great things for country music.

    Marty Martel

  2. Thanks to you all for the kind words…I do love country music, country fans, and friends. You all make this time in my life, fun, fulfilling, so interesting and more than I ever imagined.
    I remember a few years ago, I would be riding the mower while cutting grass and I would imagine things that I would love to have happen. And so much of it has come to pass. Still haven’t met Dolly, lol, but it’s more than I ever expected. I need to thank Allen Karl, of course, and Marty Martel and everyone else who has ever done even the smallest thing to help me along the way. Noting of course that unless you dj’s play my songs, nothing happens…so thanks to you all so very much. I truly do love you all. Only thing real thing remaining to make this dream of mine come true is to sing on the Grand Ole Opry. I’ve had that dream every night since I was old enough to know what the Opry was. So anyone out there who is a friend or fan or an opry member, please keep a good thought on the subject and put in a good word for me if possible. Thanks again so much.

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